How Foreign Cultures and Nations May Use Forced Sexual Assault As a Tool For Spiritual Suppression or Conscious Curtailment in our nations. 

What you have to understand about medical institutions and governments on earth is that many of the occult topics we discuss are about ‘Curtailing’ you as a being.

Increasingly in my work you will hear me talking about ‘spiritual curtailments’.

  • If they should be used.
  • When they should be used.
  • Why they should be used.
  • What techniques should be used.

When it comes to rape men express disdain on the topic of forced sexual abuse of women as they should.

The fact of the matter though is that the sexual abuse of men is just as critical issue and is just as equal an abomination.

I know from my time sitting in the UQ Uni Library that the fact of the matter is if young men in their mid to late teens are forcibly Analy raped, their is a increased chance of suicide.

So lets drop the nonsense. If we find foreign nations, governments, corporates, organised occult bodies – are organising or participating In programs of targeted, purposeful sexual assaults against any communities across these lands

  • Anglo Celts
  • Indigenous Australians
  • Maori Populations
  • PNG Populations
  • Pacific Islands / Areas like Vanuatu
  • European Migrants of any kind

The most serious of Consequences will transpire for the perpetrators.

I just can not find the words low enough to describe people who actually enter our nations, plot and the perpetrate these abominations.

And then When We scream to repel perpetrators, and demand justice. Even ensure such abomination never take place against our people and our beings. The people then turn to tar our character such that it is our desire to perpetrate such abominations.

When I was a college student. I sat down with some young Australian Ladies One Night. And subjected them to a viewing of ‘Once Were Warriors’. It is pretty intense film. The young Australian women were quite traumatised. I didn’t actually mean to do that to them, but I wanted to sit and show them A good film that came out of our own nations.

But if you are a Japanese Woman, or Man. Watch that film. It will teach you what happens to beings in our nations who do make acute errors of Judgement in Their Banana Game.

Keep in mind, Im sitting here and teaching you this stuff about Afghanistan. Ive Never even been there. I don’t even know anyone from Afghanistan. Apart from Obviously Drew Binsky. But Isn’t Ironic that I can tell about lands I have never even been to. And Say…..geeze you don’t want to step into that nation and get your banana game wrong. Consequences could be extreme. In fact, If I ever travelled to Afghanistan I would probably leave the banana at home.

So don’t expect to come into our nations and get away with this stuff Scott free. Our response will be extreme. Japanese people are going to have to ask themselves all kinds of Questions. What happens to our daughters in lands where we conspire to violate or exploit their people? What happens to security arrangements in nations where we prove we can’t be openly trusted.

What people might not understand is. When these things begin happening to you. It doesn’t just happen and stop.

Yeah its horrible that these things have happened. But in My Case. Here is the Scenario.

  • Beginning of a series of Forced arrests with police. (Drink Driving Tests / Stop Signs) Ongoing Police Harassment.
  • Violent Police Sexual Assault / Forced DNA / Street expulsion
  • Gas Attacks
  • On Street Harassment
  • Constant stalking
  • Goonie Downloads
  • Helicopter attacks.
  • List Goes On.

The list Goes. This kind of shit again if they subjected your teenage daughter to it. Dead. But as men. The fact of the matter is the lives we desire to create look nothing like the shonky Bruce Willis Flick they are trying to envelop our lives in.

Conspiracies to occupy our lands with bad spirit, bad blood, bad commercial intention and bad care of our beings. Will not succeed on these lands. I bet that the force who have conspired against our people have by this point that have come up against a force more organised, determined, stronger and more directed than what they had anticipated.

The Anglocelts and European Migrants that reside on these lands will under no circumstance allow that forced sexual assault, abuse or harassment of any kind be used against our people. People who attempt to operate sexual abuse cults on the land will be driven from the land with the same violence that they use against our beings.

I will be expanding on this topic in a series of posts, but understand that people who perpetuate sexual abuse at gun point, don’t intend it to be a one off event. What the blue blood police cults are doing is inflicting a trauma event on your being that they intend on abusing as a pain point or suffering point. And then basically squeeze the life out of you with the sufficiently sized army of blue blood goons that they literally breed on the lands.

It is going to if anything be a pleasure to see the corrupt paradigm that has been allowed to develop on these lands dissolve.

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