The Human Body is An End To End Energetic System

This Is Just A Short Explanation Of The Nature Of The Human Body. 

Which As You Can See. Many Of The People Responsible For Broadcasting In Our Nation. Want To Subsume Into Low Ball Mockery And Flat Ignorance. 

What You Have To Acknowledge. Is That Both The Labelling Of The Human Anatomy And The English Alphabet. Are Both Pre Bible. And Pre Christianity.

So These Things Are Not As Much Topics Of Christianity But Topics Of Maintaining And Sustaining The Bodies Energy For Your Own Wellbeing.

It’s Easy To Level Arguments On These Topics And Appeal To Peoples Sensibilities. Especially When You Are In Places That Force Sensibility, Like Corporate Or Corrupt Medical Hierarchies. 

It’s A Shame These People I Presume Are At Levels In Society As High As Doctor Are Projecting Such Ignorance Over Our Mainstream Televisions.

Just A Few Points I Want To Make In This Article.

First, I’ll Reference Our “Im Cumming” Lesson Which Speaks About A Folding Point In The Human Spine That Renders You “Above The Checkerboard”.

The Root Chakra, Which I Believe Is Somewhat Below That Folding Point. Well It’s Called The Root Chakra.

Trees, Obviously Have A Similar Composition Or A Similar Middle Point Right Where The Roots Connect With The Soil.

So With Trees The Middle Unfolding Point, If The Tree Become Root Bound (Downward) Its Upward Unfolding Is Also Curtailed. As Above So Below.

You Can Make The Connection With Humans. That if The Sexual Function Does Not Unfold Like A Constrained Root System, The Upward Ascension Or Growth Is Curtailed Or Has Problems. 

It’s Not So Simple As Lots Lots Of Sex Makes Good Spiritual Growth. But It Would Be True To Say That A Completely Stagnant Sex Function During Growth Would Cause Problems.

It’s Interesting To Think That Fish Like Humans Have Spines, It Seems Like Our Energetic Unfolding Is Similar And Would See That The Water Realm Is Just A Denser Form Of Spirit Ether. So The Human Unfolding Is Also Very Much Like A Floating Being, Which We Are Dulled From Perceiving. 

The Final Point I Want To Make.

In The Below Article We Highlight The Penis Ends With A Area They Call The Eye Of The Penis.

If You Decode Penis And Anus Using Our Current Decode Keys.

We Get.

Penis: Saturn Energy South Eye Pharaonic Eye

Anus: Divine South Birth Pharaonic Eye

So Different Parts Of The Anatomy Seem To Be References Of Ways To Stimulate, Birth And Energise The Pharaonic Eye Or The Spirit Eye. They Connect Energetically To Your Pineal Gland. 

It’s An End To End Energetic System That If Not Stimulated Or Cared For Correctly, Misfunctions And Does Not Unfold.

Exactly The Objective Of Evil Forces That Spread Slander And Lies Via Energetic Projection Systems Like Television And Radio.

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