What is Holy Consciousness?

What is holy Conscious or what I could be asking is what is at the end of the Holy Holy?

I don’t know exactly I don’t have the answer. Instead of trying to answer that Im going to teach one thing that is NOT Holy Consciousness. I have done a post like this on LSD Before. This is a different substance.

As I explained with LSD. It’s a Base gate. So it probably stimulates the consciousness. Pleasures it. But pleasure is not necessarily an all satisfying substance. We need other things. Other Destinations.

So through the letters LSD We see that it NOT a gate toward Holy Consciousness. It is Something Else.

The Example I wanted to give that can teach you what Holy Consciousness is this.

Have. look at this album cover.

So if you look at the cover of this artists album flow state. That is like a demonicĀ  XXXXX- trying to pull people into a false light demon world. This is the kind of stuff music stars are involved. Most stars are just masonic fronts.

This album cover. Just a few simple points.
– Black and White
– Square
– Masonic Hand Gesture

They are basically telling you these shrooms are going to take you to the false world.

The reason people send you in these false directions is so that you don’t bother them. They want to send you on a bum steer.

So if you look at Terrance McKenna, you get that Trans Man Initial. I like his work. Its interesting. I don’t know if he is trans I guess he is just another masonic character. So Terrence pulls the cool alternate people. But deep down it is just a distraction from Gods word. Veneration in the wrong direction.

So that is how I am going to broach the topic of what is holy consciousness for you. LSD, Shroom, Trip Experiences not it.

There are some plants that will help elevate your consciousness. I wouldn’t venture too much into trippy land. Holy Consciousness is obviously something else.

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