Spiritual Definitions #1: Remote Spiritual Abuse

This is a new series Im calling spiritual definitions that will serve as a structured series of spiritual definitions that will act as reference material for our ongoing work.

Our first definition is actually also quite a new concept. I will define a type or method of abuse that I will call Remote Spiritual Abuse.

What is this abuse how does it work? Its quite complex to understand and to do so you need to know how modern media networks operate but to explain. Im going to use a very crude unimaginative example I used in another post recently.

I used the abuse example that you are walking in park. Someone wearing a NY Yankees Cap Knocks you down to the ground. Tells you your a lame. Takes your wallet. And then every day you go out on the street there are random men wearing yankees caps. Thats like repeating trauma abuse.

Well imagine the same abuse. But! What happens in this scenario. Is that the man beats you down. Takes your wallet. But instead of seeing that cap around you on the streets. The next week you turn on your television. A man wearing that cap. You browse to a remote internet site. There is an advertisement for that same cap? It’s a targeted advertisement.

Funny Business yes?

Well that is going to be our definition of what we call ‘Remote Spiritual Abuse’.

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