Spiritual Definitions #2 – Scrub Turkey Syndrome

As I write our second Spiritual Definition. I did a video on the Psychiatry Industry a While Back. In that video I discussed how most psychiatric conditions are not actual human conditions. They are peer consensus defined which in many cases mean they are little more than bunkum.

Well the beauty of Spiritual Definitions On WellBeing.TV is that we can tackle REAL physical conditions, ailments. That are caused by modern phenomena. That people may not even know the origin of.

In a world full of sociopaths that dismiss god at the drop of a coin peer consensus unfortunately means little. We can build definitions that help a variety of people that suffer ailments deriving from modern conditions. Do you think Jesus dealt with GPS Harassment. Unlikely. Jesus knew nothing of the types of unholiness they attempt to subject our beings to.

Scrub Turkey Syndrome. I like the name because maybe all of the indigenous people from these regions will get it. Like Vanuatu. Pacific Islands. PNG. Etc Etc. Because maybe they recognise these creatures and the behaviour Im describing.

Scrub turkeys have a little problem when they walk around near our house. I really love them. Beautiful animals in my view. But they have a problem. That problem is called Mini Minor Birds. Or just Minor Birds we call them. Or Noisy Minors. Lots of ways to spell that bird. Don’t know which is right. They attack the Scrubbers. They swoop them constantly. So when the turkey walks around in some parts of the garden. It gets attacked constantly.

Some times I run behind the turkey with the leaf blower and defend it from the minor birds laying down streams of hot air to chase the minors away.

So that is what scrub turkey Syndrome Is. It is “Ending Up in a state of fear, exhaustion, exertion from fleeing, even harm from being placed under constant harassment or pressure attacks.”

In any modern city or town. If you have stress in your life. You may find that you have scrub turkey syndrome. Too many poor spirited humans instead of collaborating with you – curtailing you. Tracking you to the super market. Following you when you walk. Tracking you with technology. The list goes on. It’s long. It’s quite sick what they do.

It’s ultimately best described as consciousness suppression or physical spirit suppression.

You could more granularly define it as the suppression or exploitation of a living being by the constant application of pressure or harassment attacks.

So I think I will leave it there. Although I will be utilising this definition and expanding on it over time. Im already in the process of reverse decoding an entire targeting system that already operates in our nation.

You will be reading more about STS in our broader media soon.


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