Eternal Life Series: 3 Basic Transmutations To Stay Healthy And Reach For Eternal Life.

These Are Three Core Transmutations We Recommend For People That Want To Achieve Longevity. We Have Chosen These Transmutations – When We Say Transmutation We Just Really Mean Energetic Process. We Have Chosen These Ones Because They Are Simple, Critical And Core For A Range Of Reasons.

This Is An Early Article In Our Eternal Life Series Where We Aim To Teach People How To Overcome Most Health And Mental Problems And Reach For A Long Life.

1. Walking.

Decode Read Walk: Divine Cleansing Divine Base Gateway

So Essentially Walking Is A Process That Cleans The Body. No Matter What Economic Status You Are, You Can Go For A Long Walk. I Go For 2 Hour Walks, And Lie On The Beach For An Hour In-between. Take Drink Bottles With Me. And Spend $0. It’s Very Cheap.

So Walking Is About Cleansing But Its Also A Transmutation That Is The Most Natural Way To Move Around The Big Eye. You Can Read Our Automobile Decode So That You Can See How Some Technologies Like Cars Are Really Seen As Ways To Move The Eye.

By Walking, The Natural Human Way To Move. You Clean The Body, Purge Toxins, Create Divine Base But Its Also A Transmutation That Awakens The Consciousness And Facilitates You Connection With The Creator. Because It Is How God Intends Us To Move The Eye.

2. Working.
Decode Read Work: Cleansing Saturn Saturn Energisation Gateway

In Some Respects This Seems Like You Are Cleaning A Death Energy. Or You Are Cleaning The Bad Energies Of Saturn And Energising Yourself.

The Message Isn’t Go And Get A Job. Especially Not One You Hate.

Many People Can Find Enjoyment In Their Day Job.

So Work Isn’t Just About Money. The Process Of Working Through Problems, Solving Problems Is An Energetic Mental Transmutation That Energises You And Can Lead To Deeper Awakening And More Intense Light Downloads.

In My Most Enjoyable Employment Experiences I Achieved What They Call Flow State Where You Burn Energy Throughout The Day In A State Without Tension Or Anxiety. You Achieve A Nice Flow.

At Present Im Working In The Garden Of My Family Home And Doing Some Vegetable Growing. I Can Work From 8am Until Evening All Day At A Constant Energy Burn Rate.

You Don’t Want To Be Doing Back Breaking Work Every Day. But If You Can Find Work You Enjoy And Run A Constant Energy Burn Its Positive For Your Being.

The Creator Is Looking For People With Positive Productive Output.

3. Teaching.
People Might Not Understand The Importance Of This.

The Decode Read On Teach: Transmute Energy Divine Divine Defence.

So When You Teach People, You Are Creating A Defence.

It’s A Divine Defence.

So If For Example The Catholic Church Says You Should Give A Percentage Of Your Income To Charity.

Its Really Positive To Give A Percentage Of Your Energy To Teaching. 

What Ever Your Field Is. In Terms Of Earning Grace With The Creator.

If Your Teaching Is Over And Above What Others Offer. 

You Are Creating A Protection For Yourself. Because As You Know.

We Have In Christianity The End Of Time. And At The End Of Time.

The Creator Has To Figure Out. Who Is Going To Be Able To Take On The Knowledge And Pass On The Knowledge To Keep This Whole Place Going.

So In Your Teaching You Can Demonstrate Both That You Have The Ability To Grasp Technical Concepts But Also Absorb The Complex Ways That The Creator Is Trying To Teach You.

Teaching is A Very Gracious Transmutation That If You Do Give A Percentage Of Your Time To Will Return To You In Many Ways Over Time.

So They Are Three Core Transmutations That If You Practice As Core Instruments Of Your Routine Can Take You To A Longer Life.

We Kept It Simple As An Early Intro Post In Our Eternal Life Series Because We Wanted To Include Things That Everyone Can Do Without Barriers.

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