Mature Men dating young women is the Absolute Anthesis of Saturn.

So I publish a little about sexuality. But aside from my own personal interests I have this force in my life of lets call it the Hive Cult. They throw a ton of slander on my name. Fairly nasty. Imagine the worst things you can say about a mans sexuality. Well thats what they say. No thats what they broadcast.

I don’t actually respond to any of their shit. It got much easier to handle emotionally when I figured the source was Saturn Himself. But responding to people when they are just throwing dirt on you just feeds them. What I do is I just talk sexuality generally. So I did a post on how we decided to abstain from porn advertising. People get their own sense of your morals and standards if you communicate them openly.

But this post is a really simple observation I have made and I want to share it with you because It is important for our future and culture. Firstly, I don’t have any fixation on young girls. Most girls I have dated have been older. I don’t go looking for young girls in particular at all. But If a young girl walks into my life, Im not going to say no am I? For a man its a blessing. And thats the whole point of this post.

That when our men meet beautiful young women IT IS THE ANTHESIS OF SATURN. Don’t you understand that. Our whole enemy here is SATURN. So a 40 year old man that has children with a 20 Year old woman, its really the Anthesis of Saturn. The Anthesis for the Man, Woman and Child. Thats my view anyway. And thats what they are doing in our media. They are neutering us psychologically. They are doing it via Broadcast. Platforms & Film. One of the things you have to fight against is being neutered either chemically, mentally or physically.

People telling our men that we can’t look at pretty young ladies are ass backwards retarded. I have lived in places where 60 year old men get together with 20 year old women. Not sleazy places. Just places where people travel and meet. When two people meet and wake up the next morning together my general sentiment is ‘I hope they had a good time’. Two consenting grown people doesn’t leave anyone much room for judgement.

So I don’t know where the weirdness about sex comes from. All this BS in the press. I don’t chase it down too far. Those people will run out of moves in time. But their views, their approach, their sexual beliefs are clearly not designed to cater to our future virility or fertility. They ridin our D’s like they the Devil.

So Ill close off but just repeat. When our men meet pretty young women and a nice relationship is formed be it short or long. Its a blessing. Men that do have unhealthy fixations particularly I don’t know…….unhealthy fixations that result in them waiting outside of school grounds with a pair of binoculars and a telephoto lens, then sure let something be said. But our men who are attracted to and like meeting pretty young women it just feels ludicrous that I have to sit here and inform you that it is perfectly normal.

So for a man to have a child with a young woman, and a child to have a young mother, and a man to have a young energetic wife – thats all reverse Saturn. Thats strength to our future.

Meeting, making love to and marrying pretty young women is the absolute opposite of Saturn. Allowing your self to be neutered and brain bonked away from God Given desires that literally perpetuate our existence would be insanity. Lets make sure in our love lives and our intimate lives we give the Saturnian’s the boot. They have Chosen Saturn. Which means I get the one with the great tits.

Again I personally don’t have any strange fixations in this area. Most of my girlfriends have been older than me. Let people say as they please based on your internet history. Thats a very grey area and Although porn isn’t ideal as a social trend, it is actually a place where you can grow in sexual maturity just by knowing what is happening in the world.

Regardless of your sensibilities. If I meet and get along with your 19 year old daughter. Im not going to be worried about any type of Buckmaster. Im going to be focused on a different kind of mastery. And its going to make your evening in the bedroom look like an elderly Chinese woman practicing Tai Chee on a blue checkerboard. Biologically necessary unholiness.

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