The Greatest Battle Since Red V Blue. Retentionalist Vs Expulsionist.

They tried to convince you that COVID-19 Was bigger than 9/11. It’s not. This is Bigger than 9/11. Bigger than COVID. Its Bigger than Catholic vs Protestant. Protestant? What are they protesting and when do they plan on stopping? I don’t get it.

This is Anti Semitic Retentionalist Vs Pro Semitic Expulsionist.

Santos the Syncretist has been travelling the world preaching to people his doctrine of retentionalism. I’m not so sure. I’m not so convinced. Me Personally. I’m a Pro Semitic Expulsionist. My view is that from time to time we need to expel the semites to make room for a fresh batch.

Im going to give you some back story on Santos. It’s a guess. This is just me using my intuition. During an intense tantric love making session. Bonacci trying to shake his higher chakras went a little too far one night. And while he was trying to get his sacred cerebral spinal fluids up into his noggin. Accidentally shot a load of semen straight up his spine and into his brain. The Gism ultimately winding up in his pineal gland. The now Globby pineal gland in Bonacci’s brain is now clouding his judgement. Causing him to travel the world preaching his false Anti Semitic Retentionalist doctrine. The resulting cranial semen deposit now decomposing in his brain is so severe that he has had to travel to far away lands and pay visit to an African Priest who attempted to use musical charms and healing powers to break him out of his soggy foggy daze. That’s why he’s pointing at his head. He’s showing you where he shot his last load.

That’s the Santos Story. A Grim tale that warns others on the dangers of practicing retentionalism. Or what you might call. Vertical Cranium Centric Semen Projection.

So where do I stand on the issue? I believe that if as humanity we followed the law of the bible on for example the first page. And gave ourselves open access to all the herbs and seed bearing fruit. We would all have ample energy to produce all the semen we needed. God gives us an abundance of sexual energy. We can amplify that with the right lifestyle and dietary intake.

It isn’t energetically speaking that simple. I do believe what Bonacci says that we can have different energetic orgasms in the spine and Brain. You can’t be casual about your sexual energy. You have to think about the whole energetic picture. If you over indulge in ejaculation then there are energetic consequences. But if you are a 50 year old man who has just lost his wife in divorce and lost the house, car and children at the same time. I don’t think God is going to smite you down if you engage in some rogue convert semen projection. If that keeps some men alive through comfort alone. Our society needs to understand it. Bonacci calls the orgasm “The little Death”. I call it “The Little Gift”. Its a small happiness Gift. Realistically a fairly small gift, that men shouldn’t get fixated on. You need to manage it in the context of your life.

I’ll touch briefly on a biblical perspective. I believe there are words in the bible where Jesus refers to towns where men have their hands on their own loins. So Jesus didn’t want men jacking off all day. Fair Play. But did he want towns with Men that all walk the streets with Boners? Probably not also. There is a fine line between bodily self maintenance and Jubilant Jovial Jack-offing. 

The energetic complexities can be understood with what the bible would call fornication. What I believe Fornication is is simply languishing in those lower sexual energies just for the pleasure and Ejaculation. A lot of men get in that cycle. Think about the guys that hit the club every Friday night for girls. I had a girl I was trying to get into bed once say to me. Promise once we have sex you won’t just get up and leave. I hate moment spoilers like that. But I just thought to myself “Who the fuck would do that anyway”. But that is fornication spirit. You bust a nut and then you are gone. It may sound shallow, or seperate from what you believe to be the biblical message about sex. But I said in a previous post you can abstain from fornication by being a kind lover. Because as soon as you mix that masculine penetrative sexual dick energy with kindness, kissing, caring it is a higher spiritual experience than busting a nut and then running. Even if men don’t like it or want it. If you do all that caring and kissing stuff in bed and what not. You are having a higher spiritual experience.

Be careful though yall. As soon as you mix that higher caring emotional spiritual sex energy with the D energy. You are going to get all sorts of crazy talk about marriage. Now we’re talking time to run 🙂

Anyways. What I was saying about CBD / Cannabis giving us an abundance of sexual energy. It is not that simple either. We can’t just be fuelling the sex energy even if we are kind lovers. Its about getting the energy up the Chakras. Tantric Sex yeah it would do it a bit. Sexual Abstinence also could do it a bit. For me it was just life. Put it this way. Retaining semen wasn’t going to do anything to boost my spiritual awakening. If you walk through life wishing to practice goodness, wishing to sacrifice for what your soul feels is the right thing to do. Thats the kind of thing you have to do long term to awaken. It has a lot less to to with sexual energy than you might think.

There is however a lot of occultism around pleasure. Its the same as cyclical pleasure seeking from orgasm. Trapping yourself in lower energy. If for example you develop a fixation for I don’t know. Being tied to a rack. And being stroked with a feather. And then being pleasured by a team of plentifully practiced pleasure providers. Sure you are having fun. But ultimately in the spiritual realm you are taking yourself to a lower place. I don’t know exactly where that place is. Again Im not discouraging creative sex lives. Im discouraging excessive long term fixations.

So now Im in a battle with the retentionalists. What they are going to have to do is essentially prove that their doctrine has benefits for our people. Should people be practicing retention. For how long. What stages in their life. Could it cause harm if practiced for too long.

My Expulsionist views are so staunch that I think men should actually be practicing their semen projection for that special day. When that special day comes for me I want to be so well trained that I can say “Swimmer number 4 – Right Ovary. Swimmer Number 9 – head left.” You know. Map out a game plan then shoot.

It’s ironical that we live in a society where it seems everyone is calling for men to express self control. Yet when men literally control themselves mockery ensues.

So this is how this one is going to play out. This is what we want to see.
– Statistics. Data. Modeling.
– Practical demonstrations and testimony of tantric Branial cranial orgasm.
– Case Studies of Retentionalist Vs Expulsionist Spiritual Awakenings.
– International Data Comparisons
– We want biblical perspectives
– I want it all. I want it all researched. I want it all published. I want it all known. So we have a strong long term game plan on how to manage sexual energy in our society.

Finally I want to see societal resolution in media communications. The clarity in this issue is not going resolve in our nations being heavily populated by houses of hand jobbery. However. I would suggest it is going to wind up in some severe banana bruisings for those digital bedroom banana bandits. And long term will shape the trajectory of social policy in our nations. I’ve said before. I don’t want to make policy that Feigns Christian Cleanliness. But Ultimately keeps people from connecting, leaves people frustrated and leaves our nations full of sexual prudes.

Well I’ll conclude on the good news for Santos. Remember what I told you about light divination. Look at Santos. A beautiful White V in the middle. With a Pisces. And Bee? Winning on the light divination sign. Looks like when we get to the end of the retentionalist / expulsionist issue Santos has a bright future. Given the problem the last generation with institutions like the Catholic Church. I don’t believe being silly with mens sexual energy is justified. We can talk about it, we can let men….even priests have normal healthy morally acceptable sex lives.  

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