Decoding the Drug LSD – What we can learn about the substance with a few points of light.


In recent posts we decoded the word AIDS to be “the divine eyes doorway to the snake” and the word DAB to be “The Doorway to Divine Death”.

So what do we get with LSD – we get the “Base Snake Doorway”.

I’ll admit I have never tried LSD. I bought shrooms from a guy in San Fran once but when I got back to my apartment, realised the dude visually looked so fucked up that taking the drugs he was selling was not compelling for fear of winding up like him.

So in LSD we have:
L – a Right Angle – the Masons Square? Representing our base energies.
S – The Snake
D – The Doorway

In terms of what we get from decoding the letters of this term you don’t get heaps to work with, especially given that I don’t know what the experience is like. Although you must admit you get a sense of what this substance is for. So with this decode I am going to give a few other points of light that gives us a lot more certainty.

Point 1 – Acid
It is called acid. I mean Duh. Acid is a corrosive substance. The last place you want corrosive substances is in your brain. Corrosion is usually a one-way process. No coming back. On top of our letter decode, this simple observation directs us against taking this substance.

Point 2 – Purple Haze
It is said that the Jim Hendrix song Purple Haze is about taking LSD. In masonic terms the colour purple is about being unpure. It is our red blood tainted with blue blood. And Haze is a blur. This would suggest that purple haze, LSD is about putting people in a unholy daze. Of unpure consciousness. It would suggest that LSD was an operation by occult elite to in a sense ‘Take Out’ people by tainting their consciousness power. Jimi Hendrix himself was also highly likely a transgender deceiver. That is just a guess, but occult elite use these culture deceptions to achieve their ends on a mass scale.

Point 3 – Kubrick Quote
When asked if he took acid probably some time in the 80’s Stanley Kubrick Responded – “No I don’t do that, people who do seem to loose their critical focus.” So this observation may help us understand the outcome for people who do use or abuse LSD.

So when we tie all of these things together, we get a sense of what LSD really is, what it’s intention is and whether we should be taking it or not. Keep in mind there are occult elite on earth that really don’t care if you fuck your brain up and write yourself off. It only gives them less competition in life. I believe that it is this occult elite that synthesise and distribute Acid at places like Music Festivals.

There are channels on youtube that are fairly encouraging of experimentation with this substance. Im not so sure that is a great idea given what we uncover in this article. Who is to say how long it takes for a strong ‘Haze’ to develop with LSD.

In short, we should not be taking Acid, we should not be complacent about the use of the drug in Australia and we should not allow open markets for it to emerge. Communications about the topic should not be fear driven and policing activity around it should not be forceful. Health communications around the topic of LSD should be factually driven and and policing and enforcement should also be education and rehabilitation focused.

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