Pharma.TV Founder extends Emergency Intervention into Medical industry with Wellbeing.TV


Today Pharma TV founder announced the extension of our emergency intervention into the Medical industry
With the commencement of a new publication Wellbeing.TV

At this point in our journey our criminal investigations are focused on the state of Israel.

We believe that the custodians of the global federal reserve banking system, the masonic order and the broader legal and medical infrastructure have attempted to establish systems of total control over humanity. Through these systems we believe they are attempting to exchange or exploit human life for profit.

It is our belief that these forces have an intricate understanding of the forces that sustain life and have attempted to corner all associated markets in an attempt to dominate, achieve total control and ultimately exploit humanity and treat people as a resource.

Across our media we will continue to maintain a record of Israeli Medical incorporations crimes against humanity in Australia and keep broader records of other incorporated entities that have been complicit in tyranny.

We will shift our focus to business as usual once comprehensive trials and enquiries into these abuses have been held.

At this early stage of our intervention we have uncovered information that seems to indicate that extremely sinister characters have been operating in our medical institutions and that lives have been exploited for profit.

In the short term Pharma.TV will focus on industry coverage, journalism and product feedback systems. Wellbeing.TV will have the same features but also induce a broader commercial focus.

We will be making further announcements about more focused Medical publications later in the year that will bring transparency and accountability into Australia’s and the global medical profession.

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